What is the difference between a traditional tracking device and the latest GPS pet tracking device?

A pet GPS tracker is a useful device that has been used for many years up till now. Since then, there has been a constant improvement and a gradual advancement in creating more effective and proficient pet tracking gadgets that will provide the best results and services for tracking a lost pet or knowing the behavior of the pet to monitor for better training.

It has been seen that there is a huge difference between the traditional pet tracker and recent ones due to continuous advancement and innovative technology being used in them. If you are not aware of what is there and what has been changed, then here is a brief overview for you, to compare how the latest versions called GPS trackers are better than the older versions of radio trackers:

Traditional or radio tracker for pets

These trackers were frequently in use and were preferred by many of the pet owners in the past. These pet trackers are still in use by some of the pet owners who feel easy using them or have the accessibility to these despite of the latest ones. These traditional trackers were different in the following ways:

  • These use radio signals to transmit information about the pet.
  • They cannot work on places where the pet has gotten into a closed space or is too far away.
  • They need a tracker transmitter and a receiver set in order to function properly.

Latest GPS pet tracker

In contrast to the above mentioned tracker, today in Australia, the most frequently used and preferred mode of pet tracking is the GPS pet tracker. It is a device that makes use of the GPS system to locate the pet and can locate it quickly and accurately within a wide area. This advanced type of tracker has the following sophisticated features:

  • Can track pets like dogs or cats wherever they are located, as there is not limit in the range.
  • They can easily track pets when they are in closed places or far away from home, regardless of the distance they have traveled.
  • This type of pet tracker can easily be used to monitor the behavior of the pets by knowing their activities at various times and situations.

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